BP Spain Holdings news, Wird die politische Krise von Spanien Vertrauen in seiner Wirtschaft beeinflussen?


Spain has managed to push through new market in the wake of last July promises to drive by European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, make “what ever it takes” to defend the euro. This frame has helped start a steady fall in the level of the risk premium of Spain and the interest rate on the 10-year-old connections in the country, of what was considered to be unsustainable heights.


The downside is that with banks to buy the government, it is not pledge enough money to lend to companies that could help to create unemployment, and kickstart the Spanish economy. This year, we are still in recession and Spain have unfortunately, the means that will keep unemployment to grow in this country, “Videla said. Official count has said that 8,000 tasks per day in Spain were lost in January this week.


The steady fall in employment numbers creates a continuing problem for the social security department, which receives fewer posts while you have to pay more in unemployment benefits, “Diaz-Gimenez said. Further complicating the picture of the new bribery scandal that Rajoy and several officials is implicated by his ruling party for popular acceptance of illegal payments from a Swiss bank account of a high order, which is held by former treasurer Luis Barcenas. The scandal and its indirect threat to the political stability of Spain was reflected by a rise in the risk premium and interest rates of Spain, in the compound of auction Thursday.

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