BP Holdings news: Amenas Situation Update


BP is working through a staged process of bringing non-essential personnel out of Algeria. BP had around 56 employees in Algeria at the time of the attack. Many remain in the country to support the response to the incident, but more than 25 BP staff have now left Algeria among several hundred staff from other companies. This process will continue as necessary.

BP also worked to secure the medical support that could be needed in the response to the incident. This included extensive medical evacuation capability – working in co-ordination with suppliers, Statoil and the UK and Norwegian governments to ensure that medically-equipped and staffed aircraft of varying sizes and capabilities, ranging from large commercial size planes to mid-size jets, are available and deployed at locations in Europe to allow them to enter and leave Algeria as flexibly as possible. So far three medical aircraft have been utilised with at least a further eight on stand-by. We are also providing medical support for returning BP employees.

“I would like to specifically mention the help and support we have received from the UK government and authorities over these very difficult past few days. We have been in regular contact throughout and have received support from the highest level down,” added Dudley. “We have also received support from the Algerian Minister of Energy, governments in the US, Norway and elsewhere.”

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